If you look at the universe as a whole, our knowledge is so limited. There's so much out there that we have no idea about. Scientists dedicate their entire lives towards research and findings that can help us solve countless mysteries. Once verified, these mysteries become facts. But then there are some facts that leave us so bewildered that we refuse to believe that they can be true.

Here are 25 such facts that sound like complete bullshit, but are actually true:


Mike's farmer did not slaughter him properly. The headless chicken became pretty famous, but he never let fame get to his head.


The war was an attempt to curb the number of Emus destroying crops in Western Australia. Those sly birds just refused to pull out.


This happened in 2007 and IRNA reported, "The squirrels were carrying spy gear of foreign agencies, and were stopped before they could act, thanks to the alertness of our intelligence services."


We advise you against it though. Because, you know... Kim.


This phenomena is possible only if the glass ball does not break.


The lighter certainly won that match.


I would still prefer being in a pool full of vending machines.


Talk about strict laws.


Well, to him, irony is certainly his girlfriend.


According to BBC, they do this because they need more camel meat during the time of Hajj. Damn, the camels are being humped from everywhere.


Nintendo started in 1889, while the Ottoman Empire was dissolved in 1923. The Turks are pretty good at Super Mario.


That is equal to a 100 elephants!


They mostly get killed by us for a good meal or by a predator, again for a good meal.


It would've taken 284 years for Pluto to take one round. It was discovered in 1930 and denounced in 2006.



Two minutes! That's how much experience we have and we are still the dominating species.


He went for a swim at Cheviot Beach, Victoria, and was never seen again. He was presumed dead on 17th December, 1967.


Frederick Rohwedder invented sliced bread in 1928, while Betty White was born in 1922. The phrase older the sliced bread just got personified.


The copyright is with the Warner/Chappell Music Company and is valued at $5 million.


Realistically, you can't fold it more than 6-7 times. And it still seems improbable but the math behind it is explained here.


The ads actually had doctors recommending types of 'cancer sticks'.


Almost as bad as inventing locks without keys. Imagine the hard work that must have gone into opening cans back then.


Sadly, you can't send your wife there. And apparently, Saturn dazzles just as much. Read more about it here.


Long drives would've been out of the world.


I wonder who came first.


One must be really high to pull that off.

(Bull) Shit just got real!

Design Credit: Aroop Mishra