A 36-year-old Egyptian woman, believed to be the fattest female in the world, has reached 500 kgs weight, according to media reports.

Imran Ahmad Abdulati, who is Alexandria in northern Egypt, has not left her home for 25 years - since she was 11-years-old - because of her weight problem.

After years of desperate attempts to deal with the issue, her sister Chaymaa Ahmad Abdulati has now gone public with the problem in the hope of getting help, the media report said.

Source: Twitter/@dailytelegraph

Iman currently lives in the family home with her sister and mother.

Her family believe she suffered a stroke at the age of 11 which left her bed-ridden and piling on weight. She needs help going to the toilet as she can no longer walk there herself.

Iman was born weighing a staggering five kilograms.

She was diagnosed with elephantiasis - a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a persons limbs and arms.

Relatives also say medics have previously stated her problem may have been caused by by a fluid retention problem which means a large amount of extra water is being retained in her body.

It is feared she may die if she cannot be moved to a hospital in Cairo for emergency surgery. She never attended school because of her weight problem.

(Feature image source: Twitter/@dailytelegraph)