Rohith Vemula's brother Raja has rejected the probe report by government-appointed one-man judicial commission on Rohith's suicide.

He said the commission's aim was to save BJP ministers, HCU vice-chancellor and ABVP members.

The report has concluded that Rohith wasn't a Dalit and had committed suicide due to personal reasons. 

"The agenda of BJP and RSS are clearly manifested in the report of the commission, which does not take into account the butchering and enslaving of Dalits, raping and murdering Dalit woman, pronouncement of social boycotts in villages and educational institutions, instead attack on the affirmative policies extended through reservations, and demand for a ban on reservations," he says.

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"The entire commission report has aimed at saving BJP Union Ministers, Podile Apparao and BJP MLC Ramachandra Rao along with ABVP members," Vemula said in a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon. 

On Thursday, The Indian Express reported that the judicial commission has concluded that Rohith Vemula's mother "branded" herself as a Dalit to avail caste certificate for her son. The Express report also added that the expulsion of Vemula along with other student was the "most reasonable" punishment given to Vemula from the administration. 

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