This Friday morning brought a total shock for Indians through the newspapers. There were mixed emotions of pride and extreme surprise when the full front page ads had Pierce Brosnan endorsing a Pan Masala brand.

Source: Telgu Daily

With advertisors showering insane money on celebrities, the time is not so far away when we will see many more celebrities from the west as the face of Indian brands. We were wondering what possible options do they have, and then we went ahead and actually made these ads. Take a look.

1. Brad Pitt

So what if you are going through a divorce? You can always find your next life-partner here.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Some moments deserve a special selfie. Like finally winning the Oscar after so many nominations.

 3. Hugh Jackman

Yes, we know he is already with Micromax, but, this is a welcome addition to his portfolio.

4. Kim Kardashian

Now you won't be held hostage by some robbers for your jewellery.

5. Vin Diesel

No, not everyone can romance Deepika Padukone with a bald head.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

Cracking IIT is nothing short of building your own Iron Man suit after all.

 7. Luis Suarez

Now with stronger teeth, add more bite to your performance.

8. Adele

Never miss a hello from the other side.

9. Matt Damon

No matter how offbeat the destination you are travelling to, you will always get a room with a view.

10. Drake

We hope we prepared you for the future shocking celebrity endorsments.