No matter how long you two have been Chuddy Buddies, if there’s one thing you and your friend may disagree over, it’s your choice of movies. How many times have you dragged your friend to watch that awesome superhero movie only to have him compare it to a drama closer home? How does it feel when you Hollywood-maniac friend takes a look at your pop-art Gangs of Wasseypur poster (which you’re so, so proud of) and rolls his eyes?

If you relate to the above scenarios and variations thereof, this video right here is one to watch with your bestie. Take a look at how these two friends express their love for their respective movie industries and in the process try to one-up each other by showing off their oh-so-cool toys.

Roommate: You can’t buy that Godfather lamp because I don’t like English movies.

Me: Well, I am gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

*adds lamp to cart*