With the onset of spring, comes a bout of flu; and with a bout of flu, come funny "sneezy" expressions. Here are faces that people make right before they sneeze. 

Peter Pettigrew... is that you?

Source: Baku

Baby, I'm a wild child...

Source: Surfingbird

That tastes shitty

Source: Daily Mail

"It's English Maaarie"

Source: Blogspot

To sneeze or to puke?

Source: Flickr

"I need to be French while I sneeze"

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When he nuts before her

Source: Lololo

"Thou shalt not pass... germs"

Source: Dezinfo

"He dumped me"

Source: Daqache

"I just stepped on a LEGO"

Source: Reddit

"How high are you?"

Source: Topito

"Will you take me to dinner?"

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"I was like baby, baby, baby, ohhhh..."

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"Possessed by the devil"

Source: VK

"I too like to croon like Johnny Cash"

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OMG. I was like "whaaaaaaaaat"

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"I can't go home, I'm too drunk."

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"I think I just let one rip"

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Today's a lazy day

Source: Ekabu

Possessed Part II

Source: Smosh

"Am I evil? Yes I am"

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"Aaah aaah aaa aaa aaaa.... Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham"

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"Stop hitting me, mom"

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"Bitch, I'm fabulous" 

Source: Naar

"My BF loves me"

Source: Shasha

What's your sneeze face like?