A wise old lady once told me, "We all need our friends by our side when life gets hard. But it's when shit really hits the fan that our very best friends stand by our sides, and remind us of just how completely useless they are." That wise old lady was one of my best friends, Annie. She's like 30, so...

Life's long and we'll make plenty of great friends along the way. But there are a few that stand apart from the world of 'great friends' you (claim to) have - your very best friends. The annoying assholes who know you inside out and would theoretically give their lives for you, but refuse to bring you your damn phone from the other room.

Here's a guide to just what sets your best friends apart from all the other amigos in the world.

True, innit? Well, all the gaalis aside, take a minute to appreciate those friends of yours that you can truly call your best. In fact, I say why waste time. Tag the motherfu**er adorable idiot!

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