Sofia Hayat is back in news and this time around has dragged Baba Ramdev in it too. We all know about how Sofia recently turned into a 'Nun' Gaia Sofia Mother. And now she claims that she wears more clothes than the yoga guru in question.


This revelation came as a result of people questioning her spirituality referring to the photo series she uploaded on social media. Here is how Sofia she decided to slam her haters: 

Her posts on Instagram after which she started receiving negative comments: 

Take yourself so high that you become the light of divinity. Anyone who criticizes any skin show.. I am still wearing more clothes than Baba Ram Dev. Our Gods have always been beautiful. Anyone who judges and criticizes, needs to clean their minds and look at this picture, and indeed every woman as a sacred being of creation. A Goddess. When time began a woman on her period was considered sacred. Her blood was sacred. It was the sign of fertility. Now women hide the fact they are menstruating, and are considered unclean. Ask yourself why? The negative, masculine, left brained archon energy did this. The archons are now gone. Remove the programming of associating negativity with women. It is time. The sacred feminine energy is back and is here to stay in all her power, glory and fertility of the earth and LOVE. Namaste Salaam Gaia Mother Sofia #selfie #yoga #goddess #love #yoga

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Close your eyes and breathe in..slowly and deeply. Breathe in the life of breath that is sacred..that keeps you alive..that is the breath of divinity. We think that material things are so important..but your breath, is the most expensive thing you could ever posses. Respect this divine breath. Treat your lungs with care, for they are the vehicle of your breath. It takes one final breath and the body no longer works on this breathe like it is you last it so much knowing it is life..let your tummy rise and fall with each the gentle waves of the sea..and then you will feel yourself breathe with her..and then you will be breathing with her..Gaia..Mother that there in your breath. I love you all so dearly. Namaste Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia

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A sneak peak from today's shoot with @francoismatthys

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We must not forget that she is busy promoting her upcoming film, Six-x currently. 

Watch the Trailer: