The travel bugs among us are all too familiar with how international travel with an Indian passport can more often than not be a particularly nasty pain. Those of us who have ever planned a trip with friends that are foreign nationals would really know this pain. The stinging injustice of having to jump through hoops before being allowed into a new country, really makes you wonder, right?

How would your travel stories have been different had you been from elsewhere. Perhaps, Germany?

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The most recent rankings on the World Passport Index reveals that Germany is in fact the world's most powerful passport to hold.

If you like to travel, there's no document that would be a better friend to you than this little red booklet with 'Deutschland' printed on it - with it's super-special ability to let you freely enter about 177 countries in the world with at most a small fee along with a visa-on-arrival. That's how easy life is for a German passport holder.

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The Indian passport, on the other hand, isn't nearly as powerful.

Now sitting at number 85, the Indian passport was ranked at number 48 at a certain point last year!

But our ranking has plummeted embarrassingly for reasons unknown and needless to say our travel dreams have been crushed devastatingly. With the Indian passport, we can enter only about 52 countries without visa restrictions prior to travelling.

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Wanna know what places a German could visit without so much as lifting a finger, while we Indians are stuck with countless visits to embassies and thousands of rupees in application fees, not to mention the stress of waiting to find out whether we'd ever even get to go?! These are just a few of the magical sights that remain that much farther from our reach.

Madrid, Spain

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Santorini, Greece

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Interlaken, Switzerland

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But, and I hate to do this, at least we're better off than these guys.

The passport that fares lowest on the World Passport Index is Afghanistan, and not far behind at the bottom are Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia.

The holders of these passports can only visit 25-30 countries with freedom.

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So, ladies and gentlemen of the globe-trotting variety. Allow us to sum it up for you.

*sigh* If only we weren't closer to the bottom of this list than we are to the top. #JustTravellerThings