I remember when I watched the first movie of the Ring franchise as a kid. I was scared to answer the phone every time it rang. I swear if someone would have said '7 days' after I picked up, I would have gone bat-shit crazy.

I mean you can't deny this was a scary sight:

Source: fanpop

And to top it all off, she could come out of TVs too.

Source: horrorcultfilms

Now, this was one ghost you didn't want to piss off. But then, eventually, you grow up. And you realise, "Meh, it's just a movie." (Although that phone thing would still scare me. No kidding.)

But then I saw the actress who played the ghost of Samara Morgan in the movie, Daveigh Chase. From being a scary girl coming out of wells and TV sets, she now looks like this:

She has worked in various TV shows like Big Love and Lilo & Pelekai.

And was even part of a few films like Donnie Darko.

Have you ever seen a ghost turn so pretty?

And to think, she got MTV's Best Villain Award in 2003!

You wouldn't mind her calling you now, would you?