Among many features introduced by Google's popular mailing service Gmail to make it easier for users to handle incoming mails, the Smart Reply feature is a crucial feature which uses Google's machine learning intelligence to check the mail and suggest three suitable and short answers for the message.

The Smart Reply feature, which has been making responding to messages quicker and simpler for Gmail users on smart phones since November last year, is now available for the web version of Gmail as well. The feature that uses the machine learning intelligence, is similar to Apple's Siri and Google Now, which use artificial intelligence to assist users. 

Gmail's official blog said that while 10% of replies from its mobile app are sent using the Smart Reply feature, the same convenience will now be instrumental in helping users handle lots of emails on their laptop.

The feature also learns as one uses it, and suggests replies based on the of the user. Although it suggests short replies, it can give a jump start for responses that need more thinking. 

Feature image source: Official Gmail Blog