Have a lot of Rs 500, 1000 notes to exchange and are prepared to stand in the long line in front of a bank? 

Here's what you will have to do: 

Stand in a long queue, fill this form and exchange Rs 4,000 worth of cash

You'll have to fill this form at a branch to get your money exchanged. Remember, you can get a maximum of Rs 4,000 exchanged; the rest will be deposited in a bank account. 

You also need a copy of your id card. In many places, there are lines at photocopy shops thanks to that. 

Source: b"The form you'll have to fill | Source: Twitter/@vikasbha"

How else can I get money? 

Go to a bank with a cheque/ withdrawal slip.

There will be a line but it might be a bit shorter if you use cheques and withdrawal slips to debit money.

You can withdraw money using a withdrawal slip or cheque but only up to Rs 10,000 in a day and Rs 20,000 in a week, till November 24.

Source: b'People queued up outside a bank branch | Source: Sreeraj TK/ScoopWhoop News'

Find an ATM that may be open

Bank ATMs are largely not going to be open on Thursday. But if you find one that's open, you can withdraw money, but just Rs 2,000 for now, till November 18.

The limit will be raised to Rs 4,000 a day per card from November 19 onwards.

Pity your luck if the note that emerges is a Rs 2,000 note, because who's going to give you change?

Best of luck!