Remember the good ol' Biology classes and how curious we got everytime we touched the topic of reproduction? We may know a lot now, but back in the day, doubts were aplenty and there was always a coyness when it came to doubts. But it seems like there was a time when sex was discussed quite scientifically, with no shame attached. 

We recently came across a graphic sex education textbook from the 1960s, called How Babies Are Made, and to be honest, it minces no words in teaching the kids what happens during and after sex. Published by Time Life in the year 1968, it does seem like people back then were a lot more chilled out and logical about the act of sex, than we are now. 

All you need to do is take a look at the pictorial depiction of reproduction in this book, to believe what we are saying. 

Source: The Atlantic

It begins by showcasing reproduction in plants. 

So far so good. Then it goes on to describe reproduction in animals, and they are pretty succinct.

And it's further clarified with an image like this.

This is followed by a study on reproduction in dogs.

Wow. Did we already mention that the text is pretty graphic?

The text then moves on to the baby making mechanism in humans.

It's all explained in a way that is understandable to a child, yet doesn't beat around the bush. Please notice, it also teaches consent.

It says,

The sperm, which come from the father's testicles, are sent into the mother through his penis. To do this, the father and the mother lie down facing each other and the father places his penis in the mother's vagina. Unlike plants and animals, when human mothers and fathers create a new baby they are sharing a very personal and special relationship. 

And that's how babies are made!

See? The 60s have taught us that sex education can be given to kids without it getting unpalatable. It's treated like a simple process that continues life, with no taboos attached. This is how it's done.

Image source: Buzzfeed