One of the brightest stars of Bollywood (quite literally) Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji 'Insan' (phew) is back with a new film. Titled Hind ka Napak Ko Jawab, the film is an 'ode' to the recently conducted surgical strikes.

Source: Shanti Doot

And right before the release of the film, he decided to bless us with a song. 

Aptly named 'Jung Hai Humri Aatankwad Se', the song is a display of two things,  Gurmeet Ram Rahim's infinite patriotism and his awesome fashion sense.

IMHO, that bike looks lit AF.

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However, it looks like MSG & Co. hate sarson ke khet and aatankwad in equal measure since they go out of their way to destroy both.

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According to sources, a man named Raj, who was waiting for his love in that sarson ka khet, was killed by Ram Rahim's oncoming entourage.

Source: Indian Express

Preaching religious tolerance, Ram Rahim croons 'junghaihumriaatankwadse!' (yes it becomes a monosyllable after a point of time) while randomly shooting anything in sight.

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However, the song does become catchy once the initial cringe wears off. Yep, guilty as charged.

Source: Zee

Check out the song right here and we guarantee you'll be humming it throughout the day.