One heavy downpour was all it took to completely choke up the Delhi-Gurugram expressway on Thursday, one of the most important roads in the capital, that connects the national capital to Gurugram. As it poured, commuters were stuck on 5 km stretch of highway for nearly 4-5 hours, and in some cases even more. 

Source: Twitter/@santoshmishra

The situation got so out of control in just one night that the Gurugram police issued a statement asking commuters from Delhi to not travel to Gurugram for now. But it was the commuters themselves who felt the brunt of the rains, with some of them abandoning their cars and others deciding to call it a night and sleep in the car.  

As expected, Twitter was full of tweets about the pitiable traffic conditions, and the renamed Gurugram (called Gurgaon until recently), was the butt of all jokes. 

These guys got a laugh out of it:

Politicians exchanged barbs: 

And there was some biting criticism from some who were stuck in traffic: 

Here are some videos by commuters to show you how bad the situation really was:

And then there was Suhel Seth: