How do you know a song is trending and it will for the next 9-10 months for sure? Well, you take a walk through Hauz Khas Village and you'll find that one song playing in every damn club. I will give you some examples, Lean On, Hotline Bling, Sorry and the latest one, Cheap Thrills.

Source: Tech Insider

This song got hugely popular in the Indian circuit. And now, if you search for 'Cheap Thrills' on Youtube, you will find, 'Cheap Thrills Indian Version', 'Cheap Thrills Tabla Cover', 'Cheap Thrills Baba Ramdev Dance', and what not!

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Now, this video posted by Abhishek, shows two boys dancing like there's no tomorrow (or CCTV cameras in the metro). Take a look at their carefree dance performance here.

You gotta give it to them man, they were better than Sunny Deol. We all need the phone number of their dealer.

Source: Desi Martini

Pole dance, naagin dance, robot dance, they must be stars at any Indian wedding. You go guys, keep entertaining the metro.