For many of us, Harry Potter was a living part of our formative years. The books and movies might have captivated audience around the world, but for us, it was a magical reality. Nowhere did we feel that it was just their journey, because whether it was Harry crossing Platform 9 3/4 or his triumph over the Dark Lord, we were equally involved in everything. 

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The journey was beautiful and emotional for all of us. We can only imagine how it would have been for Daniel, Rupert & Emma!

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From candid moments on set.

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To beautiful ones on screen.

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They lived the life JK Rowling wrote on paper and brought it to life for us. This video, which captures their moments on & off screen, is a well-deserved tribute to the people who took us to Hogwarts and beyond. Get ready for an emotionally-charged magical trip of nostalgia:

Leaving you with Harry's words on the last day on set. 

"I love this place. This has been my life. I don't know what my day to day life consists of with you, all of you. And it's been wonderful. I've loved every minute and I thank you all very very much." - Daniel Radcliffe on his last day as Harry Potter. 

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