After suspecting a case of honour killing, the police prevented the cremation of a 20-year-old woman in Rohtak, Haryana after her mysterious death and has arrested her parents. 

The woman had married against her family's wishes and had gone to her parent's home after which they declared she had died and tried to conduct a cremation. 

The woman, Seema, had married a 28-year-old man from an upper caste who lives in the same neighbourhood on December 21 despite the wishes of her family, reports the Indian Express

The report quoted a police official who said that the woman's family was suspected to have murdered her on Wednesday and then tried to cover it up by cremating her on Thursday. 

The woman's husband had alerted the police following which a team went to the site of the funeral, stopped it and removed the body so that it could be medically examined. 

The woman's husband, Pradeep, told the Tribune that both sets of parents were initially opposed to the union but his family agreed to it later. While her family initially refused to accept it, they suddenly changed their stance and asked for her to be sent to their house. 

The day after she went to their house they informed Pradeep that she had died and was being taken for cremation. He then called the police. 

The police suspect the woman was strangled, but are awaiting the medical report. A Times Of India report quoted a police officer as saying that the parents have admitted to strangling their daughter. 

The police are now on the lookout for the woman's brother who is still absconding.