For the benefit of understanding, let's divide the world into two kinds, shall we? There are the Fries' Fanatics and also the Avocado Aficionados. In an ideal world, you'd think it'd be perfectly fine for the two to coexist. Unfortunately, they don't. 

Because FFs never let AAs live in food coma. No matter where you are, no matter where you go, if there's a Fries' Fanatic around, as an Avocado Aficionado, you just can't breathe. Wondering, why? That's because if you happen to enjoy avocados, or anything remotely healthy, you've no right to call yourself a foodie. I'm not saying so. So says every other Fries' Fanatic, or in simpler words, lover of junk, unhealthy food. 

Ab yeh kya baat hui

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For years and years, I've lived with this curse. Every time I'm out for a meal, grinning with excitement over my drool-worthy kale salad, those around are sneering at me. "How can you call yourself a foodie?", they ask. Or, "It's okay to not diet all the time. Try some pepperoni pizza, would you?", they offer. 

Why is it that they feel by ordering a salad, I'm missing out on something? Or that my 'diet' can come with exceptions?

I like food. Wait, correction. I love food. My most favourite parts of the day are breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love chicken. I also love fish. But if I like my chicken grilled or fish lightly sautéed, how does it make me any less of a foodie? 

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Have I ever dissed you for always ordering extra cheese with your Subway sandwich? Or gobbling down a bar of chocolate post lunch, every single day? You have your tastes and preferences. So do I. And I'm pretty sure both these preferences can peacefully sit on the same dining table!

And what is this weird hatred towards eating healthy? Is it some kind of FOMO? Just coz you're diet doesn't last more than two hours, you don't get a license to hate me for it. 

You're allowed to put up images of pizzas and samosas, pancakes and desserts, all over social media, with #FoodPorn sprinkled generously. But just when I'm about to click a shot of my delicious watermelon and goat cheese salad, so many of you scream, "yuck!" WTF! 

You might be quick to dismiss Poo as shallow but in college, it really is all about "good looks, good looks and good looks!". Muscle over mind, beauty over brain. But as you grow older, it's about being with someone who makes you laugh. It's the same with food. 

When you're younger, it's all about burgers and fries, pizzas and colas. But as you grow older, you start appreciating the finer nuances of a beetroot salad instead. 

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Am I getting too judgmental, now? It's exactly how I feel when you smirk at my order. 

The last time I checked, we were all allowed to eat as per our wish. Yes, there's some issue with beef but let's sideline that for a bit. You walk into a restaurant and gleefully order what you want, no explanations needed. So, why do I have to explain the virtues of my meal, every time I'm sitting with a group of people? 

I get that for years now, health fanatics have been desperate to convert every 'unhealthy' eater into their kind. There are also vegans around who're ready to kill you if you even utter the word 'meat'. But then, by judging me for always eating healthy, aren't you doing exactly the same? 

I'm not going to stop eating healthy. It's my right, my choice. And you can't do nothing about it!

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Can't handle my green salad? Go drown in your cheese!