Kanhaiya Kumar, head of the student union at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), was rushed from a car into the court by police who protected him with a riot shield on Wednesday. He still was reportedly physically assaulted.

The protesting lawyers, who had beaten up reporters at an earlier hearing into the case on Monday, returned on Wednesday, chanting nationalist slogans and waving the Indian flag. Stones were thrown at reporters outside the compound and at a Supreme Court appointed panel of lawyers who came to assess the situation.

Here are all those who faced the wrath of the lawyers on a rampage:

JNU students were thrashed by lawyers outside the Patiala House court,

JNU students supporting Kanhaiya Kumar | Source: PTI

And so were professors from the university.

JNU Teachers Association members supporting Kanhaiya | Source: Facebook

Journalists were also targeted by the attacks.

Protests against assault on journalist | Source: PTI

And even fellow lawyers could not escape their blows,

Group of lawyers outside Patiala House court | Source: PTI

The accused, Kanhaiya Kumar was also roughed up outside the Patiala House court,

Kanhaiya Kumar at Patiala House court | Source: Twitter

The lawyers literally left no stone unturned, as they even indulged in stone pelting.

Lawyers outside Patiala House court | Source: Twitter

Feature image source: PTI

With inputs from Reuters