For those who say being a teenager is difficult, wait till you get to your twenties. The 20s are like a roller coaster ride and everyone laughs, cries and cringes their way through it. Needless to say, your twenties pass in a haze, and before you know it, you are knocking at the door of 30. So before it gets too late, here are 10 things you absolutely have to do in your 20s.

1. Spend a night (or two) under the stars

Don’t just read about the serenity that comes with lying under a starry sky, experience it for yourself. Take a weekend off, buy some camping gear and have your own hiking adventure. Who knows what stories you might come back with?

2. Cultivate a hobby

Always been fascinated with Tap Dancing? Learn it! Love colors or art? Why don’t you try your hand at it? Learn to be good at something other than your job.

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3. Learn to make an exotic dish

Even if you are a disaster at cooking, try your hand at making something that hails from a different culture or country. Go as simple or as elaborate in making it and add this to your list of small achievements!

4. Get into the wildest, most troublesome situation you can think of

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is one of those ‘do-at-your-own-risk’ thingies. Whether it is something as tame as a prank or as unbelievable as getting into trouble with your folks, define your level of crazy and achieve it.

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5. Engage in at least one adventure sport

Leave behind the safe cocoons and feel the wind in your hair. Dive off a cliff, jump from a plane or scale a rough terrain. This adventure will bring you closer not only to nature but also to yourself.

6. Make a short movie / compose a song

This won’t just stretch your imagination but is also boatloads of fun. It doesn’t matter if it sucks, do it for yourself and earn exclusive bragging rights to the story.

7. Win something

It doesn’t have to be an Oscar or the World Cup, but it will matter to you regardless. Once in your twenties, pick up a task and win something for it. Don’t make it about the achievement, but about the satisfaction that you were brave enough to try something and were good at it.

8. Buy a piece of property

As you cross the threshold of twenty-five, the need to go out and live it up is replaced by one to be secure and stable. Embrace that change by investing in your future and buying a piece of property. Treat it as your first step into the next quarter of life.

Source: Image Source: Relocate Magazine

9. Get a job that you love

Taking up a job that you absolutely loathe is understandable when you start out: it’s crap but it pays the bills. But you don’t want to hate getting up in the morning and going to work for the rest of your life, do you? So, gather up the courage to quit your crappy job for your dream gig. 

10. For once, DON’T plan a day

Tell you what: for once, turn off the alarm clock, sleep in, and shun your to-do lists. Sleep in, think about life and just recharge.

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Your 20s are not just about living in the moment, but for the moment. So, make sure that you make the most of them while you can. And just in case you need a little more inspiration, check out the official Livo Anthem by Siddharth Mahadevan that will definitely pump you up! Because now is your #TimeToLive with #Honda2Wheelers. 

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