Being a woman is the best feeling in the world. No matter what comes her way and no matter how low she feels, she always has the spirit to bounce back and make things work in her favour. Made of such powerful stardust, all women in general completely deserve to get the best of all the ravishing tiaras in the world.

Oh, so you want to know what they deserve it for? Here you go!

1. For the times when she has to go for a complete change in her #OOTD because one of the elements just DOES NOT blend.

2. For the times when there's an impromptu meeting, and she transforms into her sexy, professional self in 5 minutes. Literally. Five. Minutes.

3. For the times when she puts up with your crappy friend. Period.

4. For the times she controls the Goku inside her from smashing your face whenever you piss her off while she is PMSing.

5. For the times when she manages to apply an eyeliner perfectly!

6. When she tries to cook something that she's making for the first time, and nails it!

7. When she makes those tough conversations a hell lot easier for you.

8. When she manages to shave the most tricky places (the ankles and elbows, of course) with a diva-like brilliance to get super smooth skin...

9. For the times when she actually can stitch a button back, instead of crying over it.

10. For the times, she manages to rock her pajamas as beautifully she carries that bodycon dress.

 Ladies, you really are the true diva! *Take a bow*