Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday questioned the "loyalty" of those who doubted the Army and sought proof of surgical strikes across the LoC even as he made it clear that there is no need to give out any video of the operation. 

Describing the cross-LoC operation as "100 per cent perfect surgical strike", he said the borders of the country are secure under the Narendra Modi government. However, he warned that one has to remain vigilant against "certain elements" who don't owe loyalty to the country.

He also said, "Someone said that I am seedha-saadha (straight-forward). I think the Defence Minister should not be straight when it comes to ensuring the safety of the country. "In matters of the country's defence, I can think tedha (wily)," he asserted.

Parrikar, who was speaking at a BJP organised public meeting, also said that many ex-servicemen have shown willingness to fight on the border if required.

Here is how people on Twitter have reacted to the minister's remarks:

Some even pointed out that even as PM modi had on Wednesday cautioned his ministers against any self-asserting flamboyant commentary on the issue, Parrikar went on to do just the same. 

(Feature image source: PTI)