This video is probably a lesson for hecklers; like maybe don't pick on people who can shut you up and put you in your place - the sad, dark corner of a lonely parking lot. This is what this heckler asked for during actress/comedian Amy Schumer's stand up show in Stockholm, Sweden when he yelled out "Show us your tits." 

The 35-year-old was on one of her stand-up shows during her world tour covering cities in North America, UK and Europe.

Barely two minutes into the show, this dumbass decides to shout out this completely unnecessary, derogative remark. That's when his humiliation fest began. She initially asked him to come up on stage and made people point him out. She asked him what his occupation is, to which he replied, "Sales".

Is that going well? Cause we’re not buying it.

Schumer returned, to which there was loud laughter among the audience. 

She continued saying,

If you yell out again, you’re gonna be yelling, ‘Show your tits!’ to people in the parking lot, cause you’re gonna get thrown out, motherfucker.

But apparently, sense was not his forte cause he yelled out again and was promptly escorted out as Schumer called out "I already miss you." as he was marched off.

Watch the whole thing here:

 Source: Youtube