On Wednesday, it was HRD Minister Smriti Irani who took the Lok Sabha by storm with her emotional speech, dismissing allegations levelled against her and the Centre over Rohith Vemula's suicide.

On Thursday, it was Finance Minsiter Arun Jaitley, who tore into the opposition in the Rajya Sabha justifying the JNU crackdown. Though not as melodramatic as Smriti Irani, he was vociferous and assertive, putting his oratory skills to full use.

Source: b'Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaking in Rajya Sabha on Thursday | Source: Twitter (@DDNewsLive)'

Citing the constitution and quoting Babasaheb Ambedkar several times, he expressed deep disappointment over the way opposition parties are lending credibility and respectability to slogans which talk about the breaking of India.

Here are the highlights of the 40 minute speech: 

(Feature Image Source: PTI)