I thought it was only just now that this Pokémon Go craze had begun and thrown the whole world into a childlike frenzy. All that talk about Pokémon littered across the world; well, an American has just caught all of them. All of the ones in America at least.

I haven't played this game, so forgive me if I sound slightly ignorant. But, it's a game where one basically catches these little things, looking through their phone cameras.

A Pokedex tells the user all of the Pokemon they can catch. Certain rare Pokémon are unavailable at the moment and considered un-catchable. While, other sparsely spread Pokémon may sometimes fall outside the country.

But, an American Pokémaster has caught them all. All of the ones in the country at least.

Nick Johnson is no teenager with a lot of free time. The 28-year-old works in a tech company called Applico in Brooklyn, and puts in over 50 hours a week. But that don't matter to this player.

Source: reddit.com

Out on a hunt, walking an average of 8 miles a day for 2 weeks, Johnson has caught all of the ones available in America.

Excluding a few rare ones like Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres and a few more that are either un-catchable or unavailable in the country, Johnson has exhausted his Pokédex. In those 2 weeks he reached level 31, caught 4,629 Pokémon, and hatched 303 eggs while walking a grand total of 153 kilometres!

Source: b'Source:\xc2\xa0Nick Johnson'

He would work during the week and then "go out at about 6 PM and stay out basically until he had to go home and pass out.” But at the end of this huge achievement all he wants to do is go back home and play with his dogs now.

Where there is a will, there's a Pokémon.

Masthead Source: gamespot.com, Feature Image Source: Nick Johnson