Four days after perfumer Monika Ghurde was found dead in her rented flat in Goa's Sangolda, the Goa police has arrested a former security guard, Rajkumar Singh, from an apartment in Bengaluru in connection with the case.

As per an Indian Express report, the police zeroed in on Rajkumar after they found CCTV footage of him withdrawing money from an ATM in Povorim using Ghurde's card. 

The police had put Ghurde's missing mobile and ATM cards under surveillance, and found Rajkumar making several transactions using her debit cards in South Bengaluru, that helped them track him.

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 Here's what we know in the case so far: 

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While Ghurde's post-mortem reports have revealed that she died due to smothering, police awaits the serological examination reports to confirm sexual assault, reports NDTV. 

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