Mumbai's Saifee Hospital is all set to receive its heaviest patient till date. Touted as the world's heaviest woman, 36-year-old Egyptian Eman Ahmad, who weighs a whopping 500 kgs and has not left her bed in 25 years, is being flown to Mumabi using a cargo flight to receive treatment for her ailments, Indian Express reported. 

Eman suffers from a number of disorders such as lymphedema which causes fluid build-up in her arms and legs, hypothyroidism, lung disease as well as diabetes and obesity. She has been bedridden in her home in Alexandria, Egypt, since she was 11. 

Her right arm and leg have been paralyzed after she suffered a heart stroke, and the patient has even lost the ability to speak since then.

Source: Twitter

It was only after Eman's sister Shaimaa Ahmed contacted a Mumbai-based Dr Mufaddal Lakdawala, who posted Eman's photo on Twitter to crowdfund her treatment. Lakdawala in act had even offered to treat the patient for free. Eman was endorsed by India's Minister for External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, and the push has helped the Ahmeds raise almost Rs 5 lakh for her treatment. 

However, Eman's family still has to manage almost Rs 50 lakh to complete her treatment. She will be staying in Saifee hospital for the next 6 months, where she will be undergoing intensive and varied treatment and surgeries in an attempt to cure her ailments. 

Back in Mumbai, an 800 sq-ft space with a large entrance has been constructed in Saifee Hospital to facilitate the smooth admission and accommodation of the patient.

Source: b'Eman with her sister Saimaa Ahmed (right) | Source: Twitter'

According to Mumbai Mirror, the hospital is spending almost Rs 2 crores to build a 'one-bed hospital' on the premises as separate wing. It will be equipped with an operating theatre, intensive care unit, a doctors' rooms, two rest rooms, an attendants' room and a video conferencing room. 

The construction of the new wing has run into some hurdles with BMC, the local civic body, which has denied permission for it. But Saifee officials are confident the construction will finish smoothly. 

In the past such surgeries have been laced with failure since patients have been known to not fully recover from the surgeries or succumb to complications that rose during the course of the treatment itself. 

If this procedure is successful, it would be a miracle for Eman and also add a feather to the Mumbai hospital's cap.

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