You know what is scarier than saying “No” to the right thing? Saying “Yes” to the wrong thing. There are a lot of questions in our life that have a simple two-syllable answer, “NO”. For example, if someone offers you a joint, you just say “NO”. When an app asks if you’d like to receive notifications, always say “No”. If a creep at a bar offers you a drink, you definitely say “NO”. But if there is this one thing that calls for a straight “NO” in life, it has to be pirated software.

It is both illegal and illogical. I know it is cheaper (read free) and you want to ‘try before you buy’ but most of us find it pretty easy to drop the ‘buy’ bit. We all, at some point of time, are tempted to make use of the counterfeit software packages available in the market, but here is why we shouldn’t.

1. You Don't Get Updates, You Have To Re-Download

Every time there is a newer version of a software, you need to wait for a pirated version and download it all over again. But paying once and getting a lifetime of free service is how investing in an original software works. The users get to download all the updates and advanced versions FREE OF CHARGE. And by users I mean people who bought the software and paid for the license. But if you haven't, well, then no cookies for you. 

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2. Puts Your System At Risk

Pirated software hides security risks and hence is a big threat to your machine. You’re at a much greater risk of being infected with a Virus/ Trojan horse/ malware/ spyware and other unpleasant surprises brought to you by the malicious codes that may cost you way more than buying the original software itself.

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3. No Customer Support

Installing pirated software also keeps you deprived of basic customer support you may need every time you have trouble with it. The assistance, that is straight from the people who are developing and working on the software, can save you from a lot of problems that you may face while running it.

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4. It Is Illegal

It may seem like a great idea at first but every time you hit install on a pirated software or agree to certain terms and conditions you hardly read, you’re breaking the law. Yes, you may easily qualify as a criminal and get penalized if caught. Hiring a lawyer is pretty costly these days. Just saying.

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5. It’s A Trap

Most pirated software tend to crash a lot. You’ll waste a lot of time downloading, cracking and installing something that is not even close to the original and may infect your system beyond repair or even worse steal important information from your system. For instance it may control your webcam without you even realizing it. Or it may be a form of key logger that would track your keys as you press them and send the information to the up-loader who may use that information to hack into your system or even your bank account. Now that is scary.

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6. It Is Unfair

What if you worked really hard on something but someone stole your creation and sold it under their name? People may acknowledge that it is yours but still buy it for cheaper rates elsewhere. Sounds unfair right? Well, it is the same in the case of original and pirated software.

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7. A Professional Always Pays His Debts

Yes, you should pay for what you get, because nothing in this world comes without a price. And if it does come for free, it is either illegal or fake. Or both. The point is you don’t need your moral compass to point North when it comes to making a choice between the original and the pirated.

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Think about this. Why did you pay for your computer/laptop, operating system, speakers and Internet access, and almost everything you own? And why does it not sound fair to pay for the software you use? There is nothing that can beat the #PowerOfGenuine, so the choice is yours, pay now and have nothing to worry about or cheat now and pay later.

Feature Image Source: Cyber World Mirror