It is easy to overlook a beggar walking around with a bowl but some might just get your attention, and your money. Here are some guys who set new standards in the art of seeking charity with their wit and humour. At least they thought about ways of asking. Guess this is how desperation becomes inspiration. Take a look!

1. Quite a winning trick, I'd say. Smart guy.

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2. Feulling a gender battle, huh? GENIUS.

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3. Okay then, buddy. If you incest. 

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4. When imagination runs high.

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5. Because honesty is the best policy.

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6. Never fuck (with) a politician.

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7. This could be me. Or you.

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8. This is why a happy marriage is everything.

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9. When he got drunk and thought he was Dumbledore.

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10. Come on. Vent out all that frustration. He asked for it.

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11. He probably just wanted to go back a few years and meet his grandma. Sweet child.

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12. Now that's a bargain he'll surely regret.

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13. In the mood to treat him, anyone?

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14. And we always stupidly believed that machines and liquids don't work well together.

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15. Hit me baby one more time.

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16. Full points for word play.

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17. Looks like he did vote for Trump after all.

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18. Someone give him a cow.

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19. Tough competition, dude. Only the best win.

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20. Hahahahaha. Don't know if that's begging but he's got my money.

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Just in case you find yourself homeless and out on streets someday, you know what to do.