Being a mom in today's world is no easy feat. But somehow, even with deadlines fast approaching and work piling, moms of today still manage to get through it all. They take care of their kids while simultaneously working and finishing a multitude of other things. They never settle for less and this is what makes them exceptionally awesome. 

A hockey player hailing from Kansas is setting precedent for soon-to-be mothers and women who're passionate about their careers as much as they are about their babies.

Sabrina Pfeifer is a hockey player whose pre-game ritual is to feed her baby girl, right outside the ice rink. She posted this photo on a Facebook page and captioned it - "My pre-game routine is a little different these days".

Source: Facebook/BreastfeedingMamaTalk

Sabrina has been playing hockey since high school and she was back on the ice rink after just 3 weeks of giving birth to her daughter, Kaci. She credits her husband for supporting her through it all and her decision to continue playing. 

Being a working (playing professionally) mother and still doing an amazing job is quite phenomenonal. Sabrina, you're an inspiration for many!