When anything large in magnitude happens in the USA, it impacts the entire world. It's bound to, because America plays a large role globally in all sectors. Their general elections are due on November 8 and there has been a lot of talk about the candidates.

On one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, wife of ex-president Bill Clinton. Let's just say that she has had her share of controversies.

Source: the atlantic

But on the other hand, we have this douchebag, who has stationed himself as a racist, narcissist and someone who believes being rich is equal to giving sacrifices.

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While many people don't listen to the voice of reason, they do listen to celebrities. So director Joss Whedon decided to put together a star-studded ensemble, with people like Iron Man...

Black Widow...

Even the Hulk & Agent Maria from Shield...

Along with several other celebs, who created a super cool video called 'Save The Day' that urges the people of America to vote, but not for 'Orange Muppet Hitler' (Whedon's words, not mine). Have a look:

Let's hope our American friends get the message and prevent what could possibly be the end of the world.