Donald Trump has spent a major part of his campaign discrediting media outlets and generally not saying very nice things about anyone in the profession. But as he gets closer to becoming the Republican party's presidential candidate , the real estate company owner and former reality television star is getting no slack from media outlets.

Like BuzzFeed. In a letter to employees, CEO Jonah Peretti wrote that the Republican National Committee had signed a deal with the site to carry ads of the party as part of its election campaign. But given that the party's presidential candidate was likely to be Trump, the media outlet was terminating that agreement. 

"The Trump campaign is directly opposed to the freedom of our employees in the United States and around the world, and in some cases, such as his proposed international travel ban on Muslims, would make it impossible for our employees to do their jobs," Peretti wrote in the letter. 

"...we don't run cigarette ads because they are hazardous to our health, and we won't accept Trump ads for the exact same reason," he said in the letter.  

Read the full letter here: 

But then Peretti's not the only one. CNN's also not been very kind to the outspoken Presidential hopeful. In a recent speech, CNN got a lot of praise when they did this: 

Don't get what they did there? While Trump was talking about nuclear weapons and Japan, the channel did a fact check and pointed out almost instantly that the constantly flip-flopping Presidential candidate had in fact earlier supported Japan having nuclear weapons. 

CNN also had an interview with the Republican Presidential hopeful in which the interviewer asked him the same question 23 times. Why? Because Trump just wouldn't answer the question about why he had raised the issue of the race of a judge in connection with his controversial Trump University. 

And then there are outlets like Vox and Gawker have openly been calling the Republican presidential hopeful 'racist'. 

But the former reality television star does know a thing or two about striking back.

According to a Bloomberg report, Trump got on a conference call with supporters to tell them to attack journalists who question him about Trump Univeristy. 

"The people asking the questions—those are the racists...I would go at 'em," he reportedly told supporters on the conference call. 

Featured Image Source: Reuters