It was a balmy night and we were bored. Sex wasn't the only thing to do but it was the only thing on our minds. In a cramped room where rusty furniture was our only alibi, we collapsed into each other, passion and fornication both in equal measure. It was good. Great, actually. Or, so we thought. 

What is the definition of great sex, anyway?

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Is it when both partners climax, preferably, at the same time? 

There's something to be said about reaching the finale, blood rushing through your veins, hormones blazing inside. It's the peak of your hike, the finish line to the race. It's when you explode, literally, body to body. It's what you came for, it's how it ends. How it should end. 

Is it when you're thinking of someone else? 

You could have Rihanna in bed while she plays around with Ranveer Singh. It's all a fantasy, yes, but whatever it takes to float your boat, right? You could even think about a third person. It's all in the mind. No one needs to know. Your friend's girlfriend? Or your ex-boyfriend, maybe? 

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Is it how you perform?

When she bites. When she's eager to go down on you. When he uses his tongue at all the right places. When the role playing lasts longer than the usual. When he lasts longer than usual!

Is it when there's a fantasy involved?

You're her Superman and she's your Catwoman. Too much of a cliche? Play it by your rules. Be the next-door neighbour who likes to sneak around as she seductively fiddles with herself. Or let her be the enchanting seductress who's out to get your down. 

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Is it when you're in love?

Like Mae West once put it, "Sex is emotion in motion". Some people get off on lust, some need the stroke of love. It's not an old-school thing; love can never go out of fashion. 

Or, is it when two people are really, really good at sex?

In the end, it does boil down to skills. For good sex, you need to keep a tab on all your senses. If you can't smell her desire, are you really doing it right? If you can't touch her at all the right places, do you know what you're doing? And if you can't hear her heartbeats, every time you go down, you're not focusing on the right noises.

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Anything and everything we consider as 'great sex' is a derivative of pop culture, porn or the internet. But ask anyone who's ever got an orgasm with you - sex is much more than that. 

It isn't just a physical act. Yes, there's touch - two bodies, sweaty, embracing, in a rhythmic flow - but sex is much, much more. Staring into the eyes. Glancing down her curves. Staring at his erection. Soaking in the excitement. Awkward laughs and coy giggles. Moaning. A lot of it. Criss-crossing tongues, entwined in passion. Taking him entirely in your mouth. Teasing her with your tongue before going down. Tasting each other from the inside and out.  

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Maybe there isn't something like 'good sex'. Or maybe, we all have to define it for ourselves. Either way, great sex happens when two really good performers, come together and create magic. When they know what they want and know what they're doing. 

Or maybe I'll never know the answer. But then, if I'm having good sex, do I really need an answer?