If you're among the average bracket of young professionals in this part of the world, you'll agree with the fact that our usual pay begins at a humble 2-4 Lac per annum (rounded figure). Most governmental and/or non-governmental jobs dwell within this range of pay for the rookie. But, it's the incentives and rewards that eventually define what one ends up with in their hands. And sometimes, these incentives are bloody amazing.

If you were a fresh grad student out of engineering, you'd probably look at 30K as your average monthly gain.

With the rent, travel and other peripheral allowances included, let's say an average IT professional would pocket anything between ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. And that, by all means, is a good life for a young fresher with his/her first job. Not bad, right?

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After all, making a good living in India is not as common as we'd like it to be.

At the end of the day, we survive in a culture where settling down with a safe and well paying job is half the battle of life won. Your mom probably knows better, and has quipped more often than not, that she doesn't want you to work at a low paying job.

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Well, our question is how much did you think a Train Operator - the driver - for the Delhi Metro makes each month?

According to the official remuneration chart on the Delhi Metro website, the base pay for a fresher who takes up a job as pilot of the train is between ₹13,500 and ₹25,520 per month. That is coupled with a rent allowance of 30% and perks of 35%. Plus, a Dearness Allowance as specified by the government. That's not too shabby, and it adds up to about ₹32,000 a month, taking ₹20,000 as base pay, minus the Dearness Allowance.

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In 2016, the government set the Dearness Allowance at 125%.

Want to do the math? Let us do it for you. Adding this to the previous equation on a base pay of ₹20,000 with all other allowances included, the monthly salary amount to nearly ₹66,000. Wait. What?

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Damn. Where do I apply for a job at DMRC?

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