On Tuesday, the annual No Pants Subway Ride turned heads as usual.

The event which was organized by the Improv Everwhere, a comedy collective, in 2002 in New York now has versions held across the world. At the time of its creation, Jesse Good, one of the event's organizers said that the reason for such an event was to give people a reason to look up from their smartphones and newspapers.

Participants in this event are told to keep a straight face and are assigned a particular point in the subway ride to take off their pants, reports StarTribune. Moreover, No Pants Subway Ride is organized only in winters. 

Here are some pictures from around the world:

Source: b'Feeling cold? | Source: Reuters'
Source: b'Pant-less passengers walk through a subway train transfer tunnel in Prague | Source: Reuters'
Source: b'Participants in the annual International "No Pants Subway Ride" travel on a London underground train in London | Source: AFP'
Source: b"People take part in the 'No Pants Subway Ride' in Vienna, Austria | Source: Reuters"
Source: b'"Whatcha staring at?" The event being observed in Berlin | Source: Reuters'
Source: b'Participants in the annual No Trousers On The Tube Day ride the London Underground in London, Britain | Source: Reuters\xc2\xa0'
Source: b'Pant-less view in a Berlin station | Source: Reuters'
Source: b'Hand-in-hand, without pants in Berlin \xc2\xa0| Source: Reuters'

(Feature image source: Reuters)