Forget the blue or black dress. Stop trying to find a cat among owls. Because, at the moment, there's only one question on the internet that has got everyone scratching their heads. It's a photograph of a pile of porcelain plates pushing against a glass cupboard. 

The million-dollar questions is to figure out exactly how to open the cupboard and save the plates from hitting the floor! Or should the cupboard remain closed for the rest of eternity? 

This photograph was first shared on a Taiwan-based Facebook page and it soon turned into the internet's most enduring puzzle. Thousands of people began sharing and offering suggestions about ways to open the cupboard without smashing the plates.

According to some reports, the photo was first shared by Tseng Shao-Tsen. His friend had sent him this picture when she was figuring out a solution for it.

There are many comments on the post, most of which are in Taiwanese. Some suggested breaking the glass from a place where it's not in contact with the plates and then using hands to take them out, while others called the glass cupboard a piece of art!

If you still haven't been able to come up with a plausible suggestion yet, stop scratching your head because the cupboard has finally been opened safely. 

In an interview with Mail Online, Tseng Shao-Tsen said, "She opened one door slightly and used her hand to hold the plates, then she pushed the door further. All plates were safe."

Well, that's an achievement!