A few months back, when it was officially confirmed that Hugh Jackman would reprise his role of Wolverine for one last time, fans all across the globe were heartbroken. Some actors rule our hearts with their performances, but most of them are replaced by others. Seldom do we come across characters that are embedded in our psyche to an extent where we find it extremely hard to accept anyone else in the same role. Wolverine is one of them.

Logan director James Mangold finally released the first look at Hugh Jackman in the upcoming Wolverine movie on Twitter. It looks like the Wolverine is anything but a huge, jacked man.

Fans have been rooting for the Old Man Logan story arc to be made into a film ever since Jackman made his decision to hang up his claws public. 

And the trailer of Logan has finally been released. Here's the trailer:

"I prefer to ask for forgiveness, to ask for permission."

So that's it, X-Men fans. Gear up for March 3rd, 2017. Logan's back!