Hundreds of Delhi citizens gathered at Jantar Mantar to march a protest against deteriorating air quality in the capital on Sunday. It saw participation from children, environmentalists, doctors and students from across city, reports IANS

The protest aimed at spreading awareness about ill effects of pollution and also urge the government to take steps to tackle Delhi's rising air pollution problem.  

Mask-clad people were seen holding placards that read "Be the solution to the pollution", "Don't Let Our Future Go Up In Smog, Go Green 2 Breathe.".

One of them had this to say: 

Demanding their "right to breathe", the participants also signed a petition requesting the President to take immediate action. 

Organisers and protesters complained of the health problems caused due to the toxicity in the air like breathlessness, itching throat, coughing and burning eyes. 

The protest also involvement from celebrity activists like Nafisa Ali who urged people to not the use crackers. She told ANI, "This situation will change only when we ponder over this. One should not use crackers during Diwali."  Praising the Odd-Even scheme Ali requested people to use cycle and metro as a mode of transportation instead of using cars.  

 Many celebrities tweeted in support of the protesters

Some appreciated the initiative

However, many criticised the protesters claiming they are the ones responsible for the rising pollution 

Some simply called the protest useless

(Feature image source: Twitter/@ANI)