Out of all the reasons I have to hate Honey Singh, surprisingly the primary reason will have to be his song Desi Kalakar. No, not because of the music or anything, but because of a particular segment in the song, where he asks Sonakshi Sinha to pack her belongings.

Get it? No? He forgot to mention earphones. I mean, do you even love this girl, Honey?

What's the point of taking the charger along if you don't even have your earphones with you? Not only this, later in the song, he even asks her to bring bhindi for him.

He remembered bhindi but not the earphones? I am sorry, but no one should have to invite that kind of negativity in their lives.

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I don't know about you guys, but even before I take my passport, I make sure I have my earphones with me. After all, missing the flight is better than being on the flight for hours without your favourite travel companion; the earphones.

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So what if they get entangled once in a while? So what if I spend almost every waking moment in an attempt to untangle them? It's all worth it.

Although I can't stay away from my earphones for even a single day, their importance increases just like Suresh Raina's value during the IPL season, when I am travelling. I mean just imagine a nice view from the window seat, thinking about life and indulging in random musings while listening to your favourite song.

You are saved from crying babies and random uncles engaged deeply in a heated political debate (louder than Arnab Goswami). Tell me, how can anyone enjoy the view outside with so much commotion on the inside? 

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The view is incomplete without a complementary, background music. Haven't you imagined yourself in those beautiful scenic locales, dancing away to glory? Earphones give us that thrill, that overwhelming, larger-than-life feeling.

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When people ask me if I have ever been on a solo trip, I nod in affirmative, but  I know in my heart that they weren't really solo trips. I just don't need any extra tickets for my earphones. It's the only loyal friend with which I don't fight with every other day, the only friend who doesn't borrow my clothes and forgets to return them, the only friend which comes with no baggage, just pure, unconditional love.

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Apart from being my companion in lonely times, it also helps me in 'muting' people in real life. Annoying friends, awkward acquaintances, nosy relatives and all the other people I don't want to converse with, I can just plug my earphones on and zone out.

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They may only play music from one side after a couple of months, or embarrass me sometimes by being too loud. But I'd trade anything for my beloved pair of headphones. I mean, really.

I know I don't say this often enough to you, my dear earphones, but I love you with all my heart. Don't give up on me, please.

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