What do we really expect from our bureaucrats? The answer lies in this awe-inspiring story, just the kind that makes our hearts melt and invokes a feeling of belonging.

An Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer from the West Bengal cadre, K Balamurugan, has adopted his native village, Siruvathur in Tamil Nadu, to help 2,500 families of the village get clean drinking water, free rice bags, street lights and other basic amenities.

Source: SarkariMirror

When Balamurugan visited his village, after nearly 30 years, he realised he needed to do his bit for his village, that was deprived of even basic amenities like clean drinking water.

Balamurugan recently told the Times Of India

"I approached the Indian Farmers Cooperative who offered 1,500 tarpaulins to protect the huts of the villagers as well as 1,500 bags of rice."

Siruvathur is currently situated in an isolated area and the residents have to take a longer circuitous 15 km route around the Keedalam river to get to another village called Panikamkuppam. Balamurugan is working with the local authorities to try and have a causeway constructed between the two villages.

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While his father migrated for better opportunities for his children, Balamurugan wants to make sure, no one from his village has to do that in the future. 

Balamurugan is also working toward restoring and renovating the government high school in his village. He told the TOI

"The school classrooms and compound were frequented by anti-social elements who turned it into a den for drinking and illegal activities. I took the help of officials to stop this menace and ensure that children who had stopped schooling came back to continue their education."

We’d want to congratulate Balamurugan for his exemplary work. We hope, just like he does, that his efforts will help make Siruvathur a model village.