Singer Sona Mohapatra recently took the internet by storm when she criticised the organisers of Mood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of IIT-Bombay for being sexist towards the female artists performing at the festival via an enlightening Facebook post.

The only few humans of my gender who have landed up 'performing' in this 'cultural' festival are either 'not paid' or could only under the umbrella of another man or in a 'troupe' of some kind. That you don't even see the blatant sexism that your institute & festival is propagating is sickening.

However, according to a DNA India report, Mohapatra's fee was beyond their budget and that's why they turned down the idea of her performing at the event. Slamming all the sexism charges made by the singer, an IIT-B spokesperson said -

IIT-Bombay is the last place where you would encounter sexism. In fact, last month we had an event at our management institute where Tulsi Kumar gave a solo performance. Asha Bhosle, too, had performed inside IIT in the previous edition of the festival.

While speaking to ScoopWhoop, Mood Indigo head Akhil Doot confirmed the news, saying -

Her high fee was the only reason behind all this. IIT-B has never discriminated anyone on the basis of gender.
Masthead image source: Insight IITB | Sona Mohapatra Instagram