The arrival of a girl child is often met with disappointment in India and that has continued to be a terrible reality for a while now.

Despite numerous efforts being made to bring change in this regard, nothing seems to work. In fact, things only seem to get worse. 

In a fresh endeavor, an Ahmedabad-based hospital has rolled out a special offer wherein parents won't have to pay the hospital bills if they are blessed with a girl child.

The initiative, launched by Sindhu Hospital run by Sindhu Sewa Samaj to make people value and cherish girl child, has seen over 150 couple register for the delivery that otherwise costs Rs 7000 for normal birth and Rs 20,000 for C-section, reports The Times of India.

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"For years, we observed that majority of women who got admitted for delivery hoped and prayed for a boy. Sweets would be distributed on birth of a male child but a girl's arrival would be met with stoic acceptance. The trust decided it was time to celebrate arrival of a daughter," Mahadev Lohana,  MD of Sindhu Hospital, told TOI.

The hospital is hoping to refund the registration fee charged from Komal Reddy, an expecting mother who has paid 1100 for delivery at the hospital. 

"There is no girl born in our family since past 35 years. I am praying I get a baby girl." Komal told TOI.

The hospital that has taken a cue from other hospitals and doctors across the state taking similar measures to 'save the girl child', not only returns the money but also organises a little party for the family of the child to celebrate the occasion.

Gujarat, that has a skewed child sex ratio of 890 girls per 1,000 boys, has seen several doctors and philathropists making similar contribution towards making parents value girl child, reports TOI.

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