Warning: Explicit content ahead.

Kindly plug in your earphones for what you’re about to hear.

Done? Great. Now, say hello to Ila Arun, y’all!

Anyone who was a part of the 90’s Indian pop culture knows this woman as the sex goddess of singing. Provocative on every note, Ila sure did inspire a generation to stay uninhibited as far as self-expression was concerned.

We all remember her heavy panting and croons that melted into moans in a jiffy. I still wonder what she thought about in the recording studio though.

Anyhow, there was no one quite like her in the industry back then. There still isn't.

But now we have an overload of her sexual moments and her signature style on loop. Listening to it might feel like being in the middle of a sweaty orgy. Oh well. But I know you want to hear it. I’ll stop writing so you can stop waiting.

So, here we go. A big shout-out to Tadpatri Talkies for putting together this very appropriate arrangement of lady sounds; hit play already!