OMG! How tall are you?

If I got a rupee for every time I've had to answer this question, I'd probably be able to make enough money to get myself a tall robot to date. (No seriously. Where are all the tall guys?)

Well, just so you stop wondering, I am 5'10. Yes, that's five feet and ten inches. 5 effing 10!

Now that we have THAT out of the way, let me answer a few more of your ''curious'' questions.

The weather really IS great up here. You know, with no dumb people to pollute the air.

If I wanted to be a model, I would be one. Thank you for your concern.

No, I ''literally" can't give you some of my height. So, please stop embarrassing yourself.

Everyone thinks being a tall person is great. While I've got comfortable with my large frame over the years and wouldn't swap it for anything now, it wasn't always the case. Being the tall one - especially in a country where the average female height is not more than 5'5 - can be a daunting task.

From not fitting in Haryana transport buses to the struggle of finding a person as tall as you, welcome to the fuckall world of tall people where...

...jeans become capris and shorts literally become underwear.

Where the struggle to find out the Tinder dude's height before swiping right is very, very real. 

Where something as simple as a hug becomes awkward AF. 

Imagine someone's face into your boobs. Yes, that

Where finding the perfect footwear for your giant feet requires Leonardo-waiting-for-his-Oscar level patience. 

Where you get the lifetime position of manager of  the 'Could-you-please-hand-me-that-from-up-there," position.

Where you can't even bathe in peace. 

And where people would just not stop asking you if you play basketball.

No one goes around telling short people how short they are because it is insensitive, ain't it? Then why mock people at the other end? 

After years of struggle and bullying about being the 'different' one in the group, I have finally made peace with who I am. 

I am tall and I am always going to be tall. So might as well deal with it and be a little more sensible, may be?

After all, who else are you going to turn to when you need something from that top shelf that you can't seem to reach?  

Feature image via Pacifiqa