In a bid to continue his extra-marital affair in Bengaluru, a man used a 'molestation' plot to try and prevent his sister-in-law's marriage. The incident was one of the many incidents of molestation reported in Bengaluru since the multiple molestations reported on New Year's Eve.

According to Hindustan Times, a burqa-clad woman was seen being stalked by a limping man on a deserted road on Friday morning. While the CCTV footage shows the man following her, another video emerged of the same woman having sustained injuries on her lips, tongue and toes.

But after probing the incident, the police found that the man was woman's brother-in-law and he had planned the controversy so that her parents do not marry her off. 

In fact, the man was so sure he wouldn't be caught, he also went with the woman to register a complaint to the police.

But while the man had surveyed the area and thought the CCTVs wouldn't capture the incident, another CCTV camera captured the two of them talking after the incident. 

When the man was confronted on this, he confessed his crime and said he got the idea from the molestation case in Kammanhalli, where two men on a scooter molested a woman on New Year's Eve. The woman also admitted that her wounds were self-inflicted to make the molestation look authentic.

The Deccan Herald reported the parents of the girl had discovered their relationship and hence wanted to marry off their daughter. The man had reportedly offered to marry her, but the woman's brother had opposed their match. 

(Feature image source: Screen grab)