In a shocking development, India overtook China in the number of deaths caused due to air pollution in the year 2015. 

According to a study by Greenpeace, India has recorded a steady increase in the number of air pollution deaths in the past decade.

The study showed a continuous increase in the number of premature deaths in India since 1990.  In 2015, India witnessed 3,283 premature deaths per day, whereas China had 3,233 deaths.

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“It clearly indicates that China’s strong measures to tackle pollution have contributed to the year-on-year air quality improvement on record, while in contrast, India’s pollution levels have increased over the past decade. This study must be taken seriously as this a testimony of deterioration of ambient air quality in India and immediate actions must be taken by the concerned authorities,” Sunil Dahiya of  Greenpeace India says in the report.

Source: b'In this photograph taken on November 8, a farmer burns paddy stubble in a field on the outskirts of Jalandhar | Source: AFPvehi'

He added that China adopted a strict policy to control emission standards for thermal power plants in 2011, and a coordinated action plan in 2013, which led to the reduction in pollution levels, eventually halting the increase in air pollution deaths. 

Here is a list of infographics from the report which show how bad India fares in comparison to China:

 Illustrations showing pollution levels over the years:

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Source: b'Year 2011'
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Comparison with US and EU

India's most polluted cities

Change in average particle pollution in 10 years