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While nothing is better than a riveting conversation about our country's current political climate, in my case, unfortunately, it mostly happens with people who have practically no idea what they're talking about. It's like the blind leading the blind or something on those lines. They don't know what they're saying but a generous sprinkling of 'patriotism' and loving-thy-country makes their point. 

I may not agree with what they're saying but I deeply admire their confidence- their jingoism is almost infectious!

Post the unfortunate Uri Attack, all of us have been mourning the lives of our army men. And after the news of India's Surgical Strike got out, some of us were celebrating, despite not knowing what it actually means. Who cares what it means for we just want to use it as a hashtag and mock our neighbours on Facebook & Twitter, right?

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Since then, there's been growing tension between the perennial arch-rivals. The sorts that's mostly witnessed around an India-Pakistan cricket match. Talks about an impending war are 'viral' and somehow, most Indians are rather eager to get into one. Except that their idea of war would be shouting 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' sitting in front of their TV, as updates of the same are shared on news channels.

If you're wondering where my loyalties lie, FYI, I'm an Indian and a Hindu one at that. That makes me twice as powerful in this country, doesn't it? I say whatever I want to and you can't hold me against it. Because being born Hindu in India is like being born as an Ambani- you can do no wrong! 

But I'm not in favour of an India-Pakistan war. There are way too many people asking for it. Just like Kejriwal asks for funds for his 'aam aadmi' party. 

And anyway, aren't we at war already? We may not be fighting with bullets and bombs but aren't India & Pakistan at war every day in newsrooms and on social media?  

When we're not exchanging open letters, we're busy putting out anti-neighbour tweets. While India has banned Pakistani artists, Pakistanis are telling us how their artists don't need us to stay relevant. And when any celebrity shares his/her opinion, there are bouquets and brickbats galore. Hell, even when anyone says anything remotely close to India or Pakistan, there's a barrage of abuses. Now if only Asha Bhosleji knew that her 'Jai Hind' would incite so many gaalis from 'kuttas' online!

Surprisingly though, this 'war' isn't just limited to Pakistan. Apparently, you can be Indian and yet be at war with fellow Indians. So much for ekta and unity! 

A few days ago, one of our country's most successful filmmakers was pleading with folded hands on national television to allow him his creative liberty even as one of India's most notorious political parties has openly declared how it won't allow the release of two upcoming Hindi films, one of them being the aforementioned filmmaker's big Diwali release. It's a little too dramatic a gesture, yes, but coming from the filmmaker, at least it goes with his genre of cinema. 

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Speaking of dramatic (and equally disgusting), there's also an out-of-work singer taking homophobic jibes on his Twitter handle. The less said of him, the better! 

This issue has got us all divided. Some are eager to maintain peace and some others are all for a fight. The others are getting their daily dose of entertainment. The ones who routinely troll female celebrities and abuse anyone of consequence just for having a different opinion. Thankfully, a war won't happen just because some people are demanding one. 

Gunning for a war is the same as criticising Virat Kohli's performances. We don't have to play the match. We're not even qualified to do so. Yet, we criticise him as if we know better. It's the same with calling for a war. We won't be on the battlefield, facing bullets and fighting for our lives. We'll be at home, going about our life, routinely putting up social media statuses. 

Whenever there's a debate about India, our country is quickly divided. You're either a Nationalist or not. And the parameters of judging who's who are quite fickle. You'd think that for a country with the second largest population in the world, we'd all agree to disagree. Surprisingly, we haven't. Every time something happens, you're asked to pick a side. National or anti-national, Deshbhakht or 'Paki' (!).  

When Indians are taking on other Indians over who-is-the-bigger-patriot, isn't the whole point of a war rather futile? Why wait for a third party to destroy our peace when we're capable of doing so ourselves?

By definition, a war is: a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country. In this case, haven't we almost come down to war within our own borders? With hateful comments, abuses, opinions, tweets, trolls and attacks, isn't it already a war-like situation? 

We're all guilty of sharing posts that help elucidate our point of view. We're all vehemently disagreeing with some and outlandishly agreeing with the others. And when we've taken it upon ourselves to divide people on the basis of their opinions and thoughts, a divide that's driven us to the point of hatred, isn't this a war already? 

A war not about nuclear bombs but about thoughts and opinions. 

But then, you would know better than me, right?