Indians are obsessed with selfies. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the general public, the love for selfies doesn't seem to end. However, it is shocking to note that India also tops the list of most number of selfie deaths for the year 2015.

According to report by the Washington Post, more people died taking selfies in India in 2015 than anywhere else in the world. It says that out of the 27 'selfie related' deaths around the world about half happened in India.
Source: b'A representational image | Source: Reuters'

Here are some of the accidents which happened in 2015 while posing for selfies:

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The year 2016 also started with an unfortunate incident in Mumbai where a college girl died after she fell into the sea while posing for a selfie. The youth who jumped into the sea in order to save her also lost his life. The incident led to Mumbai Police declaring 15 places as 'no-selfie spots' in the city.

(Feature image is representational | Source: Reuters)