Launching himself into outer space, in a bid to spend over 500+ days away from "home", International Space Station commander Scott Kelly is sending "earthlings", bird's eye views of their own planet. 

Source: NASA

Scott is sending pictures that are not only eliciting a unanimous "wow", but are also doing the rounds on social media. He recently showed pictures of the Southernmost tip of India and the Ram Sethu, as the ISS orbited over South Asia, during its peregrination around the world!

Here's how the Ram Sethu looks like from outer space!

The southernmost tip of India.

Check out the Vindhya Ranges from a hawk-eye view, albeit, this hawk-eye is positioned too far up!

In October 2015, the veteran astronaut set a record of spending the most number of days in space- 382!

Kudos to you, sir! 

Image source: Scott Kelly